This is the cover art poster for "Lunatics!" episode 1, "No Children in Space". I actually did this on a huge, very wide format, so as to deal with all the possible wrap-around cases, but it's really composed to have this on the front cover.

Of course, this isn't quite correct perspective as a single scene. It's really more of a collage to get all the elements on there at once.

Lunatics Project |
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Lunatics Projects works are a group effort. Here's a brief credits list, though "Lunatics Project" is okay for attribution:

Concept, composition, lighting, rendering, compositing, sky & moon rig: Terry Hancock (me)

Soyuz & gantry models & rigging: Chris Kuhn

Writing / character concepts: Rosalyn Hunter

Character design: Daniel Fu

Character modeling: Bela Szabo, Keneisha Perry

Character rigging: Keneisha Perry

@TerryHancock looks great. I particularly like the shadow that suggests a source of bright daylight on this world. And the pink tinted clouds, and moon.

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