When I bought this thing on E-Bay, it said that the DVD burner didn't work. I wasn't too concerned, because I figured I was going to upgrade it to M-Disc BDR anyway.

But look at this. I think it literally just came unplugged inside the machine. What a trivial fix!

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Hope I can put this thing back together again. Had to really take it apart to get the drive out.

They could have made it easy by just adjusting the placement of some screws. But did they? NO-OOO-OO!

fedi meta - software / "quote retweet" 

A lot of people seem to get quite bent out of shape over the lack of a "quote retweet"-like feature in Mastodon.

The developer of Mastodon is very much against this.

But this is the FEDIVERSE you are on, not "Mastodon". If you don't like Mastodon, don't use it. There are other choices!

Some other Fedi software DOES have a displayed-quote feature. For example, here's what a "quote-renote" looks like in Misskey:

Among the tools we use on "Lunatics!", one of the least well-known is . The "NG" is for the pure-Python version of the software which was forked and maintained by @morevnaproject . This version was easier to adapt to our needs:


It's an editor that helps to time lipsync animation to dialog.

It's a big time-saver!

Soyuz on the pad, just after sunrise.

Because launch vehicles tend to launch towards the East to take advantage of the Earth's rotation, the Gagarin-Start pad in Kazakhstan does 'face' eastwards, with the support equipment on the west side, which makes this shot work out nicely.

From "Lunatics!" ep.1 "No Children in Space".

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Is this some kind of glitch?

It says almost 400K in the last HOUR...?

That's um... extraordinary, *if true*...

My daughter made these prop covers for her Theater Practicum class, which put on a performance of "Misery".

Stock photo art, but the book and title design was hers.

I thought it was great that she even gave them back-cover blurbs (lorem-ipsum) and even bar codes!

It was way more detail than was really needed. You could barely see the covers at all from the audience.

So I had to snap photos afterwards, of course!

Last chance to get in a post... Pirate supervises a construction project (or deconstruction -- I was taking apart the kids' old playset, as it had become unsafe. Planning to reuse the lumber).

She's the eldest of our cats, and basically regards herself as The Queen of our household.

I designed this set of posters in 2018, for my daughter, and had extras printed. They present the worlds of the solar system in tiered scales with relevant facts.

They are a collection of five 19x27" posters that can be displayed together or separately.

For sale from


(via Gumroad).
$60 for the set, or $15 individually.
Shipping is $12-USA, $16-Canada, $25 elsewhere.

And until I run out, you get a free "Lunatics!" character poster as a wrap.

Boosts appreciated!

The outside of the (fictional 2040-era) train station in Baikonur. Aside from the covered platform, most of this looks like it does today.

Some great hard-surface modeling by Sathish Kumar and Chris Kuhn on this one (and some 'background' set modeling by me).

From "Lunatics!", ep1: "No Children in Space".

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Hiromi and Georgiana Lerner, arriving at Baikonur in April, 2040. The train station is a fictional upgrade to the real one.

A lot of "billboard extras" in this shot. Making the on-Earth parts of the story have realistic numbers of people in them was one of the challenges for this pilot.

From "Lunatics!", ep1: "No Children in Space".

(Reposting this to the new account).

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This is the cover art poster for "Lunatics!" episode 1, "No Children in Space". I actually did this on a huge, very wide format, so as to deal with all the possible wrap-around cases, but it's really composed to have this on the front cover.

Of course, this isn't quite correct perspective as a single scene. It's really more of a collage to get all the elements on there at once.

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