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I think my favorite think about this platform might be that continues to be one of the most popular hashtags. That alone seems to sum up the difference between this space and Musk’s latest obsession.

(📷️: Ronaldo de Oliveria)

Back in 2018, I was studying hot Jupiters, and noticed that when I extended my hot Jupiter mass-radius relationship to lower masses, there were planets I could readily model, but didn't seem to exist! That's the upper left corner on this plot -- the boundary is roughly a density of 0.1 g/cc.

I asked around if we knew why that edge was there, but none of the answers I got were very satisfying. You see...

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I think I will probably migrate the @LunaticsTV account over to a PixelFed account, and pretty much stick to production stills, project slides, and other visual content there. Seems the best approach.

I kept feeling weird about posting as the project, since I'd notionally be representing other contributors. But here I can be a little more candid and direct -- because it's just my own opinion. And, unlike my personal account, I can just go on about my professional work, because either you're here for that, or you're not.

So I'm going to film-geek here. You Have Been Warned.

I am also going to talk about the project internals, progress, and future plans. A lot more detail than I'll put on my personal account.
#OpenMovie #Blender3D #LunaticsProject

In particular, here is the CRS-26 cargo overview which is always the thing I most look for:

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Silly a name as it may be, if anyone wants the domain for a mastodon instance. I’m happy to provide it 🤷‍♂️ boosts are appreciated 🙏

The still for my banner image comes from one of my favorite shots in the pilot, with a lot of different elements coming together.

I did the "decals" and texturing on these models, while the mech models you see here (Soyuz, launch pad, transporter-erector, and support train, as well as the lighting and camera towers) were all modeled by Chris Kuhn, based on drawings and reference photographs I collected for him. I did a LOT of research to try to get the appearance right on these shots.

The "background set model" here is by me: the background buildings, paved areas, landscape, and texturing. I also created the "sky rig" which allows me to move the Sun and Moon, control the clouds, and so on. This is even more important in some later shots, where I simulated timelapse shots.

There are two kinds of characters in this shot. The man in the foreground is a fully-animated "extra" character, modeled and rigged by Keneisha Perry, based on earlier models by Bela Szabo, character design drawings by Daniel Fu (which set the general style for the show, as well as specifically designing the main characters), and finally, some reference photos I found for technicians and ground crew at Baikonur Cosmodrome (for wardrobe).

Some of the characters in the distance, though are pre-posed characters which have been converted to billboards (flat images, rigged to point at the camera), which I call "billboard extras". These were invaluable for creating the impression of larger numbers of people, which was a challenge on this pilot episode, since it starts out on Earth.

#LunaticsProject |
CC By-SA 4.0

#MastoArt #Blender3D #NPR3D #OpenMovie #Animation

As an open source maintainer, I will say this. Probably the easiest thing you can contribute to an open source project is appreciation and encouragement.

After maintaining even a relatively successful project for a while, positive feedback becomes an invaluable source of motivation.

Especially now, as I'm heading into another winter in complete darkness, I thank you for all the kind words! ❤️

After some thought, I decided I would like to have an account here on the Lunatics Project / Film Freedom Misskey server in my own name. It's just easier to post as "me".

The longer post limit here is more fitting for a lot of my professional content, and I know there are probably people who don't want to hear quite as much from me as you would get on my personal Mastodon account at .

I plan to stick to professional topics here: animation, film-making, production progress, free-culture, free/open-source software (
#FOSS ), and so on.

No partisan politics, but policy politics, like copyright, internet governance, and so on. I follow most widespread content warnings, but not "eye contact", unless it's really intense -- this is going to be a media-heavy account with a lot of character art and so on.

There shouldn't be any NSFW content here, unless you count undressed 3D character models in progress (I make narrative animation, not porn, so they're generally not particularly anatomically-correct, but I'm not putting censor bars over breasts. I will CW as appropriate). Keeping the language PG-13.
#LunaticsProject # #LunaticsTV #FilmFreedom #Misskey #Fediverse

Everything *else* aside, having a government account hosted on a community server seems an awful lot like having a government website hosted at something like

I'm trying to get my shot in saying hello to famous people while they still have like 14 followers

The #JWST Transiting Exoplanet Early Release Science Team is excited to share the latest science results from observations of the exoplanet WASP-39 b, described in 5 papers released this morning. 🧵
Image: Melissa Weiss/CfA

Hooray it's finally time to share the first five papers from the Transiting Exoplanet Community Early Release Science Program for #JWST! this is a culmination of work from over 300 people over seven (!!) years. Great to see the fantastic science coming out.

OK, it's not my usual subject, but here's a seriously wide angle view by me from under the Eiffel Tower, stitched together from a LOT of photos!

Look, if we're not here to yell compliments and encouragement at people we probably don't know in real life, what is the internet even for?

I saw a post today telling folk that sending some love and thank you notes to open source devs is really appreciated (and free!) and I want to add that I also really appreciate just knowing how you use my stuff. Since a lot of projects follow privacy best practices, we actually may have no idea who our users are or what they're doing unless they speak up. And it helps!

Here's three cases that impacted me:

- knowing that universities used Mailman (because they emailed with questions) informed the way I wrote docs so they could easily make specific list help pages with the right listnames plugged in
- one blind user's bug report reminded us to consider accessibility in the interface for decades worth of changes
- I recently had a talk declined because I couldn't produce graphs of my impact because I don't actually know everyone who uses the tool

#OpenSource #CommunityBuilding

If I hear “Gen Z is gonna save us!” one more time, I am going to scream. Y’all, we’re the adults in the room. It’s our responsibility to clean up our own messes.

I *adore* my Gen Z kids. They are wonderful and amazing and I am privileged to know them! But they are also hurting, and have had to carry FAR more than their fair share of hardship and trauma.

Please remember that these kids are entering adulthood carrying 100lb backpacks of stuff when our backpacks weighed far less.

Huge JWST Exoplanet News: WASP-39b

JWST demonstrates its stunning capability to analyze exoplanet atmospheres thanks to WASP-39b

This hot-jupiter was first discovered in 2011, only 700 ly away. It's ideal for study because it transits every 4 days.

Observations from JWST found CO2, water, CO, sodium, potassium, and even clouds.

The most exciting is sulfur dioxide (SO2), which indicates active chemistry in the planet's atmosphere.

What have we learned? Never again should we go to a social company that does not promise portability and interoperability, that does not federate with others, that is not sufficiently open-source to allow emergent innovation from users. This is a test.

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