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- mom and pro in near -- total and nerd. I love talking about , of any decade, stuff, my hilarious Sammy, and being invisibly for being monogamously while married to a guy. I ltravel throughout the quite a bit, and wish I could try someday. Also: my is a rock star.

My linkedin messages this morning are a mixed bag of great opportunities and people who clearly have not read my linkedin profile since 2010

This morning's was a release from earlier this year, which also fits into today's realm (Mountains)

Promise you all of the future
'Cause the future's now torn
And we're running up a mountain
To get blown back by the storm

@sethjoseph I have a lot of good leads, but holiday season is a tricky one to navigate. I do have severance through the new year, which is something.

My version of is likely different from anyone else's because it's from the point of view of a aficionado who thinks in song. Follow that and my other faithy things at @helenheath

So that thing--two middle readers, two classics by women, one universe expander and 2 international authors of note. I feel remiss in not including Toni Morrison so maybe I should combine 1&2 since they're shorter.

1. From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
2. A Wrinkle in Time
3. Wuthering Heights
4. Mrs. Dalloway
5. Cosmos
6. Blindness
7. Things Fall Apart

Embarrassing to find myself jobhunting after the wealth of opportunities I had to consider this summer.

I can’t do a return soft or otherwise on Metatext

Yaknow, I understand that the fediverse is a bit wild and unpolished and it's got a lot of quirks and unpredictability. It's underdeveloped, unstructured space.

But I also spent so much time banging my head against the wall of centralized, top-down, oligarchical social media that it feels like heaven just to have *some* control over the spaces I'm inhabiting online.

(This goes triple as I've dipped my toe into the admin role.)

If we work together, this could be so good.

Rehoboth on the day after Thanksgiving is a tax-free outlet-shopping hell. Think next time we spend a holiday here, it won't be this one.

Quick little tip: You don't need to use link shorteners on Mastodon.

All links on Mastodon count for 23 characters towards your limit, no matter how many characters they really are.

However, you need to include https:// at the beginning of links to make them clickable.

A rainy day in rehoboth is better than a sunny day in the office.

Of course my aunts would love me to just find a new job *here.*

Btw, I'm on vacation, so me being quiet is not me hunting rabbits. But I did see two rabbits tonight, and a fox, who is likely to actually be hunting rabbits and probably is glad I'm being quiet.

Welcome to how ADHD brain tries to tell a story with tie-ins to Elmer Fudd.

Current burning controversy in the Rehoboth family gathering: Is it lower slower Delaware or slower lower Delaware?

You know what social media site I despise most is? Not Twitter. Not FB. Not IG. G+ was up there in its day but no...

It's NextDoor.

Still processing what happened yesterday. The signs were all there but I'm trying to figure out when it changed. Failure to thrive. Failure to excel. Failure to meet my own standards. But in many respects, just a bad fit.

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