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This corner of the is inclusive and affirming to marginalized individuals and their respective communities.

To be specific: racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, and fatphobia are simply not allowed.

People are the most important part of any community and especially this one. If your world view or personal ethos demands that you diminish anyone because of their inherent identity, you’re not welcome at RealSocial.Life.

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This is the official sign on the door of the RealSocial.Life instance.

🧡 💚 💜

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#Admin #indieWebSocial

I look thru all the new user's answers to 'why do you want to join this instance?" Mostly to prune our spam:

But I *had* to share this one reason given by a new user tonight - anonymously - because it's so great and so much of the reason I started this instance in 2019, and why I strongly suspect it is the reason so many of you are here too.

#TwitterMigration #Mastodon

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The leaves on our ornamental pear tree are turning all kinds of wonderful colors.

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It's Bandcamp Friday, the last one of the year. Which means artists get over 90% of the money you pay for anything on bandcamp today. Go buy new music. And I'll tell you what - name a genre and I'll give you a suggestion (you might already have it but hey I'll try!)

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If there were a non-Spotify version of for all the docs I streamed this year, that's where I would really shine.

Okkaaaay I’m just starting Season 2 of The Vow (HBO) about the cult NXIVM and whoooa Nellie.

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Question: what does the world really need?

I think a lot about my privilege and creative power and how to put them to good use. The older I get the more poignant this question becomes. I’d love to know what you think.

Ok one more from my walk today. These sweet pink roses were still blooming in the chilly weather.

Y’all, The Bob Newhart show was genius.

Update on my pimple: I stormed into my kid’s room and demanded his pimple spot treatment. Here’s hoping that shit works on the olds, too.

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"While social media was for 15 years or so focused on bringing your message to as many people as possible at one time, we’re heading now toward a future in which it’s about reaching a much smaller group of people with whom you already share interests, beliefs, or affinity...The shift toward user augmentation, combined with privacy, security, and trust and safety, is this necessary shift toward a new and better web. "

Also this tree in my neighborhood has these interesting multicolored berries on it. No idea what it is… but I like it!

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TIL that Edwin Hubble had a cat.

It was a black cat.

Hubble named his cat Nicolas Copernicus.

He lived to the ripe old age of 26.

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Hey Mastodon folks

You may not be aware but there is a thriving community of people sharing photos of MOSS

Like, several times a day man, it's great

They have a hashtag:


moss moss moss moss MOSS

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