If there were a non-Spotify version of for all the docs I streamed this year, that's where I would really shine.

:trex: :veri_trek2: Science Officer Tiny Hands reminds you to check in with yourself throughout the day. Are you hungry? Eat. Are you thirsty? Have some water. Could you use a nap, or to stand outside for a few, go for a walk?

Learning to listen to your body and give it what it needs is critical science to care for your body, mind, and mood.

Forgotten women of paleontology: Joan Wiffen, the dragon lady
#WomeninSTEM #histsci

In her autobiography, “Valley of the Dragons”, she wrote that an academic advised her to sign as J. Wiffen when writing papers because ‘men have better chances of publishing than elderly female housewives‘.


Yesterday I sent a text to @carlabrauer to see if I could coax her into coming over to model my new design for a teaser shot. Keep in mind, she is also an entrepreneur (and a new mom), so it's not like she's not swamped already. She packed up her chubby baby, drove to my house, stood in the pouring rain in this , and let me snap photos while the baby got mad at us. This looks like a picture of a sweater, but it's really the picture of a true friend.

God is in the details. This sexy painted edge is brought to you by one of my favorite Oregon , Dayna Collins.

I'm reading "Work Clean" by Dan Charnas, and I'm convinced that this was written specifically for me. Who else would be drawn to the lives of who work in professional kitchens while simultaneously studying the implications of their systems for and ? Definitely written just for me. And maybe only me.

In the book, this quote from Dōgen: "Tomorrow starts today at noon." Be still my planning, order-loving heart.

It's been ages since I went out in the evening; I forgot how things sparkle at night.

Meanwhile at a bus stop in Ireland ...

Währenddessen an einer Bushaltestelle in Irland ...

Greetings to you, from the most perfect holly leaf skeleton ever:

I don't know who was more curious, the cat or the turkeys. (But this turkey gang has decided we have the best diner on the block, so they're becoming regulars.)

Mastodon is perfect for GenX because we’re all just roaming from house to house totally unsupervised and unless something goes really wrong nobody cares #GenX

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